Technical Analysis and Trading Psychology
27-28 May 2009, Paris


Day 1: Wednesday 27th

9.00-9.30: Registration and coffee

9.30-9.40: Opening of the conference

9.30-10.15: Building the bridge between fundamental- and technical analysis based on the traders behaviour

  • Understanding the trading behaviour in energy markets
  • Linking traders to traders
  • Trading in starting market, semi liquid and liquid markets 

Dr Jan von Drathen, Managing Director, E.ON D-Gas

10.15-11.00: Conclusion for Energy Trading based on the scenarios made for 2009 - Part 1

Appliance of Technical Analysis on the Oil Market

  • Appliance and Trading Scenarios based on the advanced "cloud chart"- technique (ichimoku kinko chart)"
  • Scenarios for 2009 covering different time frames
    There will be an introduction of the "Ichimoku Kiko Chart" technique the beginning of the presentation

Dr. Gregor Bauer, President of the German Association of Technical Analysts, Member of the board of directors of the International Federation of Technical Analysts

11.00-11.30: Networking

11.30- 12.15: Conclusion for Energy Trading based on the scenarios made for 2009 - Part 2

Oil as a benchmark in the energy markets - New views on correlations and beta Factors

Correlation Analysis with Oil as benchmark and Power, Gas, Coal and Carbon as evaluated markets

  • Beta Factor Analysis with Oil as benchmark and Power, Gas, Coal Carbon as correlated market

Holger Galuschke, VTAD member, Technical Analyst with E.ON Energy Trading

12.15-13.15: Lunch

13.15-14.00: The theoretical background of trading psychology? How does the brain work? What are the key mechanisms?

William Forbes, Loughborough University Business School

14.00-14.45: What common errors are being made by traders today? How can you avoid those errors?

Thami Kabbaj, University of Orleans, France

14.45-15.15: Networking

15.15-16.00: Technical Trading in the energy markets

How to select a trade using Sentiment and Seasonal

  • Looking at the market participants and their effect on the market
  • How a trade is triggered.
  • How to manage a trade once established

Julian McCree, Private Trader

16.00-16.30: Questions and Discussions

19.00: Networking dinner







Day 2: Thursday 28th

9.00-9.15: Chairman opens the second day of the conference

9.15-9.45: Underlying drivers of market psychology

  • Base level impulses that start the chain
  • Secondary drivers (fear and greed)
  • Market disconnects from fundamentals
  • Examples
  • Technical indicators

Dominic Rae, Gas Portfolio management, Nuon N.V.

9.45-10.15:  Trading & Emotions
Is Technical Analysis the solution? Part 1

  • Greed and Fear
    Is it possible to control one's emotions and what is the 10,000-hour rule?
  • Technical Trading
  • A must: technical analysis! The "Turtle Way", a case study

Robert Haddad, CFTe, Vice-President of the AFATE, in charge of the professionals

10.15-10.45: Networking

10.45- 11.30: Trading & Emotions
Is Technical Analysis the solution? Part 2

  • Trading Plan
    What are high probability set-ups? Acquiring a neutral psychological bias
  • Trading  the Forex
    Advantages of the biggest market in the world. Relative study with commodities

Robert Haddad, CFTe, Vice-President of the AFATE, in charge of the professionals

11.30-12.30: Lunch

12.30-13.15: Technical analysis applied to Oil, Coal, Co2 and gas

  • Long term trends and cycles in commodities
  • Mid term patterns and direction
  • Short term trading tools and strategies samples

Julien Nebenzahl, CEO, DayByDay, independent research company

13.15-14.00: Euros, Dollars, Oil and Gas -
How Fibonacci Found the Top of 2008 and the Bottom of 2009

Crude oil and natural gas both formed their tops last year within a few days of one another - exactly three months after the Euro hit its all-time high of 1.60 versus the US Dollar. 

  • Take a closer look at the technical signals which preceded one of the biggest market reversals in history
  • Learn how Fibonacci-based projections accurately predicted both the highest price seen in 2008, as well as the lowest prices of 2009 
  • Discover the how technical analysis can help you make sense of the long-term impact of fundamental events, as well as give you a glimpse inside the psychology of the markets

Andrei Pehar, Senior Currency Strategist,

14.00-14.30: Networking

14.30-15.15: Technical Analysis using Dow and Elliott with oscillators in your toolbox

  • Dow
  • Elliott
  • Fibonacci
  • Links and guidelines from the 2 philosophies (linked)
  • Oscillators and their time aspects 
  • Putting it all together - One way to set up your "toolbox"
  • Toolbox - setup for different time aspects on your indicators - early, confirmed and late indicators in different time fames

Examples employed from Power and oil

Henrik Baranovski Mikkelsen, Head of Portfolio Management - Denmark, Vattenfall A/S

15.15-16.00: Final discussions and closing of the conference